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Funniest Person Alive contest is targeting homelessness

Imagine getting paid big bucks to tell a couple of jokes?
Now is your chance.
In today's world laughter is a rare and precious commodity. It has a unique ability to unleash a inner refreshing that we all need from time to time.
We are hosting contest to allow jokesters from around the globe a chance to share that unique gift of wit, imagination and delivery of their art of humor.

Here's how it works. You will sign up and get a User ID and information will be sent to you on how to go to the next step. We will have two categories.
1- Stand Up
2- Produced Segments / Skits.
The video should be 5 minutes or less of your best work. We will post the videos and let viewers vote on their top three choices. The work with the most votes goes to a final competition. 10 stand up comics will be chosen for a live stream event with AmericasFavorite.TV and

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The Big Picture

For anyone that has never been under a bridge with a large homeless population it is an eye opening experience. No matter how they got there it is surreal. wants to focus on these forgotten lives and try to help as much as possible. We need your help. Wether you give time to put together a joke or skit or you just have alot of friends and family to share our journey with.
Homelessness is a curable disease. Take a second and picture one of those dog rescue commercials that rips your heart out. Yeah the one with Sara McLaughlin wings of an angel song. Now replace those battered dogs with human faces. Yes it is that bad.
Need we say more?

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